Friday, 19 October 2007

Planning a wedding shower

Planning the wedding shower is the second exciting thing before the wedding as such, we're talking about a party that is both fun and practical at the same time where the married couple receives presents that will serve them well in their new home. The planning of a wedding shower actually represents the bridal party and a huge opportunity for the bride's close friends and family to relax and share some great moments together. Planning a wedding shower is not as stressful as the wedding as such, the bride is the queen of the day, so every detail is centered around that.
Planning the wedding shower is the entire responsibility of the maid-of-honor and the bridesmaids, so there are a few guidelines you'd like to follow when you throw such a party. The normal date to organize is within two months before the wedding, and the biggest element to consider when planning a wedding shower is who you are going to invite. You can either make it 'girls only' or a couple event that is more commonly known as 'Jack and Jill' shower. Try to have all the details covered up when planning a wedding shower, the ice breaker games included.
In many cases planning the wedding shower means throwing a beach barbecue party with volleyball, Frisbee, music and dancing, that brings a relaxed atmosphere of fun and great joy. The bride may be included in the planning of the wedding shower, particularly since you have to make sure not to bring people that are not invited to the wedding too. Sometimes you may go for the planning of the wedding shower with a theme in mind. For the 'girls only' kind of party, it may focus on kitchen items or lingerie. Planning a wedding shower is great fun, so don't miss it!
When planning the wedding shower don't forget to include some small gifts for the guests, a box of chocolate candies would be really appropriate for the occasion for instance. Another tip for the planning of the wedding shower is the attention you pay to decorations, remember that we're talking about quite inexpensive, yet totally effective items that fill the main function of creating a great atmosphere. Decorations are a must particularly if you're thinking about a theme wedding, since there's no better way to break the ice and make everybody open up. Have fun!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Planning a wedding on a tight budget

The great bits about planning a wedding on a tight budget
It may not sound romantic at all but planning a wedding on a tight budget is a reality and sometimes more than 50% of the couples who want to throw a wedding party have to deal with it. However, planning a wedding on a tight budget doesn't mean that your wedding would be less an event, on the contrary, you can enjoy the most elegant, yet simplest ceremony of all, that would leave you memories for a life time. The important thing when planning a wedding on a tight budget is to make a strategy and stick to it, thus being perfectly capable of keeping costs under control.
When planning a wedding on a tight budget, always keep in mind that the following categories are the most expensive of all: site, food, beverage, reception, outfit, music, photography, decorations. Don't panic! There are lots of things that can be done in order to reduce the costs and save some extra cash. For instance, if you're planning a wedding on a tight budget, you need to be familiar with the do-it-yourself concept. By this, I refer to all those details that you and your family can take care of, without paying someone to get everything ready. Thus, planning a wedding on a tight budget brings the family closer together.
Among the best things of planning a wedding on a tight budget is that you'll have the family help you with decorations. Most of the couples who prefer planning a wedding on a tight budget think about how stylish and money-saving, home-made decorations can be. Lots of fashionable ideas can be found on the Internet, which can be then put into practice. A very resourceful site, you may want to take a look at is where you find great tips about how to choose the right location, the best flowers, especially when you're planning a wedding on a tight budget.
The invitations you send your guests can also be home-made, there is almost a trend to make them as personal as possible. As for dinner and the cake, these are crucial elements when discussing planning a wedding on a tight budget. Instead of a multi-layered cake you can have a delicious, very simple one. And since you're planning the wedding on a tight budget, it goes without saying that lobsters are a no-no for dinner. A great cook, who can even be a member of your family, could make some excellent traditional food for instance. Planning a wedding on a tight budget is a challenge and a joy at the same time, cherish every moment of it!

Monday, 10 September 2007

Planning a wedding in San Diego

If you're planning a wedding in San Diego, you will definitely need the best information you can get on local businesses that deal in the wedding field: photographers, musicians, caterers and so on. Where should one start planning a wedding in San Diego? Well, the answer to that question is not that difficult since the Internet offers great directories and wedding guides for local purposes, with sites being used to sell very common services. The best thing to do is turn to companies closest within reach when planning a wedding in San Diego.
Addressing couples who are planning a wedding in San Diego, the many sites and advertising promotions on the Internet testify to the harsh competition between suppliers. The only way to make a business in the field work is by maintaining high quality standards and a blameless reputation. Any couple planning a wedding in San Diego will first turn to several companies for a specific wedding category and will obviously choose the one with the most attractive offer. For instance, the flower arrangements are a must for both the ceremony and the reception. Who is going to help you with that?
When planning a wedding in San Diego, you'll have to talk to several flower decoration companies and compare their prices; this aspect could be highly important particularly if you're working on a low budget. Planning a wedding in San Diego may fit all the budget checklists on the sole condition that you be content with the quality of the product or the service for which you pay. Take at least one month to check the many offers you receive for planning a wedding in San Diego, and never go to a meeting without knowing exactly what you want to ask, that is: do your homework!
The many online directories that help in planning a wedding in San Diego also include lists of musicians, bands or djs that can be hired to take care of the entertainment part of your reception. The price is not everything when it comes to choosing great music; ask for some demos and see the artistic performance long before the event. You can also include a rehearsal in your planning of the wedding in San Diego, since the voice on a disc sounds different than live music. The acoustics of the reception site is very important if you intend to bring a band. Think about it!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Planning a wedding in Las Vegas

Among many other popular attractions of this huge American city, there are two things Las Vegas is famous all over the world: its casinos and the many wedding chapels where you can get married in no time. So planning a wedding in Las Vegas may have nothing of the hassle a regular reception involves, therefore, it comes as an easy and simple solution for many couples who want to start a life together. Planning a wedding in Las Vegas can sometimes be a matter of a few hours, and you find plenty of help for such an event. There are loads of information on chapels and procedure that you can find on the Internet, which prove valuable when planning a wedding in Las Vegas.
If you make up you mind and start planning a wedding in Las Vegas there are a few things you should know. First of all, start by making the hotel reservations, then book a chapel and see if they meet your requirements. The good thing about planning a wedding in Las Vegas is that there are fewer regulations than in any other parts of the world: you won't even have to undergo blood testing before getting the marriage license. If you're planning a wedding in Las Vegas it is good to know that late summer is not a good time for the ceremony, particularly if you want an outdoor event, since the temperatures simply soar.
When planning a wedding in Las Vegas, don't ignore the very many wedding packages provided by various businesses in the field since such deals may drastically reduce your costs. You can turn to this kind of planning the wedding in Las Vegas, by keeping in close touch with travel agencies. The flight would be a lot cheaper, but the only problem is that you need to be flexible about the date. If not having one settled is no problem to you, then go ahead with planning your wedding in Las Vegas.
The planning of a wedding in Las Vegas finds the best informational support on the Internet, try to check regularly with online travel agencies and hotels. Since Las Vegas is one of the world's most popular destinations, there are plenty of flights and lots of hotels to be filled, therefore, the planning of a wedding in Las Vegas may very much look like a trip or an original adventure that you are ready to embark on. For other tips on planning a wedding in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world, you may turn to

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Planning a wedding at home

There are plenty of benefits to planning a wedding at home so that we almost tend to ignore the bad bits about it. Here are some revealed truths about planning a wedding at home with its pros and cons. First of all you save a lot of money, right? There's no rental of the ceremony or the reception site, you don't have to deal with all sorts of bookings and you cut off lots of annoying costs. Then, when it comes to food and beverages you are your own master; when planning a wedding home you don't have to worry about paying a cake-cutting fee or who-knows what else.
But remember that planning a wedding at home can easily turn into a chaos if you don't take the safety measures and the precautions necessary by simply following clear guidelines. Let's see how you can avoid turning your wedding into a whole mess. The first and very practical equation involved in planning a wedding at home is the number of guests your house can accommodate, and here you need to include the number of toilets. Statistics for planning weddings at home show that the most comfortable number is thirty five people per toilet.
There are several very important things to consider when you're planning a wedding at home, the most important being the ceremonial place, where you and your beloved will exchange vows. Make sure nobody is sitting in the sun, you don't want your guests to get sun burnt, plus too much light can definitely ruin your photos. Then, when planning a wedding at home, remember that the garden where you may want to hold the ceremony is exposed to noises: dogs barking, lawn mowers and so on. Kindly ask your neighbors to avoid trimming the lawn during that particular day.
Then, when you're planning a wedding at home you need to keep in mind that both hot and rainy weather means trouble for you. For instance, you can either rent a tent or be able to move the party indoors in case of a downpour. Planning a wedding at home is not free of other risks: for instance make sure there are no children unsupervised in the pool area and that all the cables and wires of the electronic material are taped down and away from the walking path. Planning a wedding at home can be both a challenge and a great joy, may you have the best of times!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Planning a small wedding

Discretion, minimal organization effort, intimacy and low budget considerations characterize best the need for planning a small wedding. Very many couples have to start preparations on a very low budget and therefore, they would only invite a close group of family and friends to be there with them on the big day. Planning a small wedding diminishes by no means the importance of the event as such, on the contrary, the increased level of intimacy makes it even more romantic for the couple. So, if you're planning a small wedding you'll have to decide on an appropriate location and get to work.
Outdoor premises are very often considered ideal for planning small weddings; you may choose between a beach, a park, a public garden or any other natural site that matches the requirements. Needless to say that, such a location is great for your budget when planning a small wedding. You won't have to bother with too many decorations, since many of them come with the natural surroundings. An arch dripping with flowers is perfect when planning a small wedding and it looks great in photos.
If you're planning a small wedding, it's obvious you want things as simple as possible, for instance the wedding cake may be a delicious combination of your favorite type of dessert. When planning a small wedding the reception meal won't be too sophisticated either, talk to your caterers in advance and decide on which courses to serve and when, since the moment when dinner starts is very important for the guests who may be hungry. There are special precaution measures you should take when planning a small wedding outdoors, for examples you'll have to keep bugs and mosquitoes away. Have someone spray the bushes a day before the wedding for the comfort of your guests.
Planning a small wedding matches very well with the concept of thematic reception party, and many couples consider it a very original idea to follow a specific theme in organization. For very resourceful ideas and general tips on planning a small wedding, have a look at and take advantage of some professional advice for the best solutions to a perfect wedding. Planning a small wedding requires just as much attention as a large one, the only difference is in the costs and the number of guests, but basically you have to deal with the same issues. May you live happily ever after!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Planning a beach wedding

Planning a beach wedding may be one of the most romantic challenges in a life time; great scenery, natural decorations, originality and non-conformism of the location are among the main features of such an event. But what are the exact particularities of planning a beach wedding? What are you up against in an exotic location? A sure fact is that you'll probably need some expert advice for planning a beach wedding since there are special considerations to be analyzed. Even the choice of the wedding dress and the shoes is closely related to the location.
First and foremost, there are two major issues to be tackled with when planning a beach wedding: electricity and the restrooms; this is why the ideal solution is to choose a spot that is close to all the facilities so as you don't have to bother. When planning a beach wedding you can't rely on good weather, this is why it is important to rent a tent and combine the indoor with the outdoor advantages. The tent will go together with a flooring you'll have to choose too. The next step of planning a beach wedding is to decide on the table seating according to the number of guests.
None of these is easy and on top of it you have quite some large costs to deal with; therefore try to include everything on your top priority list of planning a beach wedding. The best way to have the ceremonial performed is under a wedding arch dripping with fresh season flowers that will focus the attention on the bride and the groom. The decorations of the arch have to be done the day before the wedding or early that very morning so that they remain fresh. Many of the couples who are planning a beach wedding choose an exquisite moment for the ceremonial, such as the sunset.
Most couples planning a beach wedding often overlook a very important problem: tide. They should check in advance how far the water goes and how frequently, so that they can determine a safe perimeter where there is no exposure risk. Moreover, when planning a beach wedding, don't even consider placing chairs directly on sand, since they will sink, thus being highly uncomfortable for your guests. For more details on planning a beach wedding have a look at to discover the secrets for a perfect day